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Making Belt Buckles


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At our open forge today at my shop we enjoyed the works of Peter Sevin of Phoenix, as he showed us his techniques for making his belt buckles.

He started of by pressing 1/4" wall sch 40 pipe and square tubing 3/8" to 1" tall 1" to 2" in dia. Some of it was even cut on angles. It was done under Kevin Potter's (from Potter USA) new proto type 100 ton bench top press. After the shapes were pressed out Peter demonstrated different techniques for hot punching and chiseling designs by hand and under the treadle hammer. Next was to show the brazing on of the loop and hook out of 1/8" cold rolled. If you have a creative mind you can make some wild buckles.

For some more fun we squished a piece of 11/2" rebar down for a candle holder. It was a good day!








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I figured the world needs a table top 100 ton press. I doubt I will sell it I like it too much. I have made quite a few 50 ton models and lots of 20 toners but this is my first go around at the table top 100. I plan on using it for coining my own money.

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