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Tale of 2 Anvils

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As I said In my post in the solid fuel forge section I am new and just in the 'setting up' phase. I have learned a lot from this and other forums and look forward to your comments / suggestions.

So here is the story: I started out with a couple pieces of crane rail-- not the most fun, but workable. Then I got a nice piece of 'real' rail, already cut roughly into the shape of an anvil - so I thought score, now I can make one like the one on anvilfire (vertical peice for mass under hammer + horizontal for lighter work.) You can see this one in the first couple of pics, I like it cuz I built it but in all fairness, it is not half as functional as the one I just bought.

The second set of pics are my score from an older gent who was selling off some stuff. They were not his, but came from his property -- 40$! with the stand! It is a 'attwood stourbridge - best - 84 -h k - At least those are the markings -- ANY INFO ON this anvil would be greatly appreciated: Date, weight etc! I think it is more than a hundred lbs.....but I may just be overguessing as the stamp that says 84 could very well be the weight....

I have done the ball bearing hardness test on both (1" ball from ten"): The rr horizontal is around .25 or 30, the vertical section is about .40 and the Attwood farrier's anvil is about 75-90 depending on where I hit it -- IT has a great ring and no visible cracks..

So DO I keep'em both? Will I ever use my creation now that I have the 'real' one?





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I agree with Jimmy, keep them both. I started on a railroad anvil and still use it. For small things its perfect. I would grind the "horn" area to a little more round and get rid of those rough edges in that area. I use my horn on my rr anvil for small rounds because my large anvil horn end in a 1" blunt point. So, its perfect for little things like that.

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Resurecting an old thread. I have been smithing now here and there in the evenings and weekends, and wanted to upsate my first posts.

See the attached pics for my completed rail anvil, and he atwood on the modified (since i bought it) stand it came with. I like them both, and will prob have them forevever even after I acquire a big double horn and or a striking anvil.

Thanks again for all great knowledge on this site,post-27406-0-46202000-1394417756_thumb.jpost-27406-0-93874900-1394417875_thumb.j

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