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Today I was a the Lake goldsmith steam rally and at one of the few stall selling goods I saw a 10lb hammer of 6 bucks so I picked that up. as I was walking around i stumbled across a blacksmith shop and I stood out the front peering in and one of they guys comes up to me and asked about the hammer and if it's in good nick so I showed him the slight crack in the handle which he passes over saying it isnt an issue then asks me if he can borrow it. Turns out one of the large steam tractors dropped a steering linkage (which was 5ft long and at least 4" in diameter) and when half of it dug into the ground it rolled up into a very mis-shapen banan and they guys at the shop didn't expect they would need a big hammer so they didnt bring one. Anyway an hour or two latter the linkage was good as new and as it turns out that small crack in the handle isn't an issue haha

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I ended up picking up *another* RR spike driving hammer. I have one I made into a stake anvil; and another I have waiting to be made into such an anvil with a shorter shaft and one with the handle still on it on the hammer rack and then at the Las Cruces fleamarket Saturday the blasted dealer told me $5 for a modern one with a good handle on it and so I had to carry it around for a while till I could get a trip back to the car.

10# can make an interesting anvil if set in a stump and is a handy size for a striker! I try to bring at least 1 large hammer when I demo because you do end up using it for the oddest things.

As many smithing questions end up being location specific---not only "where do I find this stuff?" but also "Bob is going to demo that very thing next meeting in your area!" We suggest that you edit your profile to give a general location---please nothing specific! Take a look at mine for an example.

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