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Ceramic Gas forge convertion

Guest Johnnie

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Guest Johnnie

Hi guys, I have recently bought a used Flamefast ceramic chip gas forge (cheap on ebay). Fired it up with Propane and took ages to get to temperature and eats gas for fun!

So I have converted it to coal by adding a table top, chimney and pulling all the gas bits off.

The thing I'd not thought of and became apparent after lighting it up is the ceramic burner plate is going to get blocked with Clinker.

What gauge steel plate would be suitable to replace the ceramic fire pot? 1/4'' - 6mm??

Also and ideas on forging a clinker breaker?

Will add some photos ASAP.

Thanks for looking.

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Guest Johnnie
post-19880-0-53280500-1352477959_thumb.j This the problem with the Ceramic fire pot. This is the clinker after 20 mins of forging and its stick on like sh*t to a blanket.post-19880-0-94462600-1352477992_thumb.jIs the new base of the pot and the old ceramic surround. Excuse the welding!!
post-19880-0-90254400-1352478028_thumb.j Almost ready to go!!
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