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I Forge Iron

About to give it a shot


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I'm gonna try forging titanium for the first time this weekend. I've emailed randy and hes told me what to expect. I'll report back and let everyone know how it goes. Thanks for all the advice in these threads guys.

1/2" x 7" x 16" pieces of titanium alloy. Hopefully soon to be a knife or ten.


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I don't know as far as alloy goes, simply because it was a free gift from a friend. And I'm making more decroative knives with it, something for a few friends to sit up on the matel. I don't know what else I'll make, as there are 10 more pieces of the exact same stuff int he same size that I can use. So we shall see

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Get the alloy designation! You do know that some alloys can make you sick while forging them right?

I like to forge CP1 or 2 Ti and I made my camp eating set out of Ti as you don't need much of an edge for a table knife; but being able to throw them in the dishwasher after a long campout is a *good* thing!

Bracelets can be nice too; especially if anodized and Christmas is coming.

I had my apprentice forge a Ti knife once as it would really impress the idiots who don't know that Ti is less bladeworthy than a good high carbon steel. He got so many *WOW*s he kept making more; sigh. My eating knife has a slice on the back of it when I had to prove that a steel knife was better for edge taking and holding---sliced a curl off the Ti with the edge of a san mai blade with nicholson file as the center piece and a pattern welded experiment as the outer layers.

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You really need to know the alloy, some Ti alloys have cadmium and or beryllium in them and both are seriously toxic and if it doesn't poison you they're cancer causing. Bad medicine.

We're just getting to know you, hows about not checking out already.

Frosty The Lucky.

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