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I Forge Iron

New smith from the backwoods of TN


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Hello everyone. My name is Jordan, I'm a 24 yr old Marine Corps vet, who has been smithing as a hobby since I was a kid in my dads shop. I grew up working steel, and recently have begun a quest to make myself a much better smith. We have a coal fired forge, using an eletric blower, and a 200 lb Kholsaw anvil, that came from a mining company back in the early 20's. Below is me and my dad with a couple of bowies we forged out a few weeks ago, as well as some shop pictures. I'm glad to be here, and I hope to learn alot.




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Where are you, other than "in the backwoods of Tennessee"? That doesn't tell much around here. I'm on the southern tip of Big South Fork NRRA.

I grew up between Briceville and New River on the pilot mountain, community is Graves Gap. I live between Oliver Springs and Harriman now, but my parents still live in the same place, which is also where the shop is.
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Welcome aboard Spots, glad to have you. It makes me happy in a deep down way to see you and your Father spending this kind of time together. My Father and I used to and it was always good, in hind sight anyway I miss him.

Frosty The Lucky.

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