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Mother's Day gift?

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I need an idea or suggestion for a small Mothers' Day gift that I can make.

I have a decent anvil (bit rough) some good hammers and at least an adequate sorta-forge for the moment, built up of loose stacked firebrick and a homebrew but quite functional atmospheric burner. It's not yet capable of welding heat, but then, I have MIG and TIG for that if necessary.

I'd like to make something not too huge or complex- I'm still very new at this, and she's got to be able to carry it home in her luggage. :D

I have stacks and stacks of 3/8" mild steel rod, and smaller piles of various other sizes and drops. She doesn't have a fireplace and so doesn't need the typical poker/shovel/broom combo. So what else? A fancy candle holder? Some bit of wall-art?

I've looked around, and haven't seen anything inspirational yet. Any ideas or suggestions?


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A candle-holder can be nice. The lilly demos from the links Irnsrgn posted are a big hit. They are simple, easy to make with what you have, and look nice. I made one that was a big hit and has become a stand alone piece without a candle at a friends house. Depending on what her likes are, a spoon or fork might be nice. Does she have a fire pit for weiner roasts? Longer forks are a hit if she does.

What ever you do, my advice would be to keep is simple and do it. The thought counts more than you think and IMHO simpler looks better. You don't get bogged down in the detail both making it or looking at it.

Hope my ramblings help some.

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Heres one i do all the time for people who stop by,the longer they stay the fancier i make it. Its simple, a couple of pig tails,then once around the horn,then up 90degrees,then curve it back down hook shaped.The one in the pic is 1/4in round but you can use square with twist,weld on leaves,use what you got.


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I gave this to my First Wife on our 30th Anniversary. I call it "FOREVER TOGETHER HEARTS". Just 2 interlocking hearts tack welded on the back side, flattened and wire brushed and clear coated. It would work for a Wifes Mothers Day Gift. I placed it in her casket on the pillow next to her head.


I made 4 of these many years ago, one for each of my kids to give to their Mother on Mothers Day. The Large Heart represents their Mothers Heart, and the small one represents the childs Small Heart interlocked with their Mothers Heart.




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This is also easy to make, just a piece of 3/16 round rod and a short piece of 3/8 black pipe and a couple of leaves cut from light sheet with cold formed veins and silver soldered to the stem.



A small hole is drilled thru the stem to run the pin thru to keep it from slipping out.

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