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Blower problems


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Hi everybody, I am having some trouble and hope maybe someone has seen one of these before.
I found this blower at the junk yard, it has been sitting out side for a long time but it still turns, hard but it turns. It needs cleaned and gone over, the blades need some work, and it needs a new handle. I got it mostly a part but I can't get the case apart, I've tryed everything but it won't come apart and I am afraid of cracking the case. If anyone has any ideas or have been in this predicament before, I could really use some help.
This is all the writing on it;
Champion Blower & Forge Co.
Lancaster Pa.
Patented June 11 1901

Hopefully the pictures posted ok.


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Tap on the end with the screws. The top needs to slide off lengthways. There is a hidden bolt on the opposite end that slides into a slot.

So what your saying is that in the 1st pic, where I am pointing, there is a bolt on the inside?
The housing needs to slide back to seperate them?
That makes sense, the way it feels I figured it had to be something like that, however I did try that, but I will try harder now knowing that is what is holding it.
Any other ideas or suggestions are always welcome. I will post any success or failures I have with it.


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Hi welder,
Theres one screw on top that has to be removed i believe and just as skunk said it slides off away from the fan housing( i think). There may be an old gasket and i have learned that old gaskets seem to hold better than crazy glue!:D


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I got it!!
Thanks guys you were dead on with the hidden screw, I don't know if I would have ever found it with out your advice.
I had drilled out the 2 screws in the top that hold the top on, because the heads were all but rusted away, well all I did was drill what was remaining of the heads, so what was left of the screws was not letting the housing slide back, so I drilled them down and tapped on the front of it a few times and it came off:D
Took it to work and beadblasted all the parts and cleaned it out real good. Hopefully put it back together tomorrow after work.

Thanks again for the advice, I'll post some pics when I get'er crankin again.


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To work it in for the first while, use Dextron automatic transmission fluid. It is a good lubricant and is slightly acidic to help free up parts. After it turns freely, drain out the old oil and use a decent oil for good. Up here, I use 0w40 synthetic (because, that's why).

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