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Hey all,
Just thought I'd share some pics of my latest sword. I started it three and a half years ago, and just finished it last week.

It’s similar to a Petersen Type L. The blade is 30-3/4″ long, and is pattern welded with three core bars, and high layer edge wrap. Steel is 1084 and 15n20.

The fittings are also damascus (O1 and L6), and the grip is desert ironwood covered with leather.

The whole thing weighs 23.7 ounces. It balances about 6" from the guard.

Some pictures of the finished project. Well, just the sword. Have to make the scabbard yet.











Thanks for looking,

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Let me be the first to congratulate you on a job well done (1st here anyway... I saw it yesterday on the other forum).

It looks beautiful, but I love the flex shot. Most first-timers (myself included) would tend toward too stiff, too thick, and too heavy.

The fact that the pattern weld lends itself to this much spring is a testimony to your craftsmanship.

Well done,


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Great work! love how you have tapered the core bars to the final shape, and nailed the fuller right on the edge of the wrap ! the low layers are very effective.

Super neat twisting aswell ! I bet you were twitching a bit not to have any 'plain' on the interupted portions keeping the layers 'up' :D (was that nine twists, or nine and a half.... eeek, :lol: )

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Thanks for the kind words everybody! Now that I've had it for awhile, I don't really see myself throwing this one in the river. ;-)
I'm working my next one, and also a katana. I'll probably be posting some in progress pics sometime.

what is your anvil made from?

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Checked out your thread on the other forum. the "making of" and i must say. since i started dabbling in Blacksmithing. i have learned a little. and since my apprenticeship to Stan(Trying-it) i have seen so much more i wish to do with metal. Seeing this WIP reminds me of what first peeked my interest in blacksmithing. I look forward to the day when i get to the place you are. That is a beautiful sword.

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