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Champion 400 gear troubles

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Didn't know for sure where to post this, Blacksmithing? / Non-Blacksmithing? I put it here because I figured it would get noticed here by someone who may have some experience with the innards of a champ 400. Today I became the proud owner of two Champion 400 handcrank blowers. One is assembled and it lives atop a tripod stand. The other is a basket case and the sum of its parts live in a bucket, complete but disassembled. The problem with the disassembled one is the bronze drive gear, it is not true. At first glance it looks fine, but place the shaft into the chuck of a hand drill and spin it and immediately the wobble can be seen. Not much but bad enough I am told by the man I got them from that it will cause the gearing to lock up and not rotate. No big deal really, I would just like some advice from others an how they would approach this one. My take on it is to put some pine scraps in the jaws of my vice so as not to mar the soft bronze and see if a bit of a squeeze may suffice. I don't want to do anything yet because its not like I can just shoot down to the local hardware and grab a new one off the shelf. Strikes me as one of those things that has to be done right once, the first time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan:)

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That's pretty strange, I just posted a question about this same exact(I think) blower.
Is it the gear or the shaft? Or are they one piece?
Maybe you could true it up in a lathe? If you have one, if not maybe you know someone who does.
I wouldn't know cause I can't get mine apart, which is why I posted. How does the case split? I don't want to crack it but I can't get it apart, I had to drill out the 2 screws that hold it together, the eng with the screws moves some it's the other end that doesn't. Is there something on the inside that holds it? May be you could take a look at the one you have that is a part and let me know what it looks like, maybe take a couple pic's, I would really appreciate it.
You can post in this thread or the one I wrote, which ever you prefer. If I can get mine apart I may be able to give you more advice on your problem, I have done a lot of machineing on stuff like that.


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Well then, let's see if we can get these buggers figured out. Yes, posting pics is the way to go here. I think I can use a film camera and have the photo lab at wally world put the images on a disc for me since I don't have a digital camera. That was on the list of gotta gets but then along came the opportunity to aquire a champ 400 and priorities bumped the camera down the list a notch. Yesterday I dropped the wife of at work and told her I was off to pick up a blower for $50. Picked her up later and found myself in the uncomfortable position of having to inform her that the $50 blower morphed into two blowers and a cone mandrel ( add a zero to the above figure ) Needless to say, my funnymoney fund is now shot and the camera will have to wait. Also I am in the doghouse and in need of some serious appeasement bigtime. Anyway, I do believe I can get film onto disc and get some pics here of the blowers / parts. The bronze drive gear is the bent part and its integral shaft seems to be o.k. so it is the wheel or spokes that need straightening. I'll get some pics on here over this week. Dan:)

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