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Jewellers Vice?

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I bought this little thing a few weeks ago in a bundle with another tools. I paid $35 for both.
After looking on Ebay i found they sell for $25-$30 each.
I have seen them described under several names. What are they really called? What do you think they are worth?






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This is a fine example of a very rare legless pigmy vise. It`s worth quite a bit of money to a legless pigmy but they only pay in very small bills. :D
Seriously, look at what the ones on ebay really sold for to get an idea of their true worth.
I have one that looks like a tiny leg vise with the leg cut off, old style screwbox and all. It looks to be a lot older than the one in the pics and I gave $5 for it `cause I figured it`d looked neat on the mantle.
The wife nixed the idea, said I`d turn the mantle into a workbench if she allowed it. She`s probably right.

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