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Possible Mousehole Anvil?

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Can anyone identify my anvil? Ive heard it might be a mousehole forge anvil.


It has an unusual hole under the bick - I havent seen anything like this on other anvil ID threads like this.


I can see any markings on it other than the weight - 1 0 26.


I think it was forged, certainly looks like that too me but its previous owner told me it has a crack and as such it doesn't ring. In fact it it is very dull when struck.



Any pointers would be appreciated.

All the best

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The holes are handling holes used with special tongs to grab the anvil while working it under a steam hammer. Pretty much all forged anvils have them, how many and where can be used to help identify some anvil makers.

I'm not a big mousehole maven but to my eye the sharp topped feet and fat waist look very much like a mousehole---however Postman has identified over 200 different English Anvil manufacturers and *many* of them made anvils that were quite similar, often because the people who ran/worked for one manufacturer would go off and set up their own.

Here in the states mousehole and peter wright were among the most common imported anvils from England so if we were going to guess Mousehole would be a pretty good one. In the UK you have the full gamut of them and so it's only a "possible" without better markings.

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Been busy today but I managed to take a rubbing of the side of the anvil. I'm convinced they are letters but they are very worn.

What I can see might be a word or just part of a word. Might even just be a coincidence but it looks like either


The "o" or "j" could be a G.

The "s" could be another "O" or perhaps even an"&" symbol.
Equally the "k" could be an "X"

I'd be intrigued to know if those letters or something similar means something to one of our members.

It is a shame they are so worn as I would love to know a bit about the anvils history. But as said it has served me very well for a number of years now so it's ultimately no big deal.

Cheers for your patience guys

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Looked at mine this morning: BROOKS& COOPER

(Mouse stamped here) HOLE
O 3 6

Thinking I got the date of 1870's from Anvils In America, bottom number. Rub the side with talcum powder, wipe the surface leaving the powder in low places. Easier to read than a rubbing. Good luck.

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Is there a ridge on the underside of the horn where it meets the body? That is one of the tell tail signs of Mousehole anvil. Postman wrote a book called "the MouseHole forge" That has more updated information on mousehole anvils. He also says that there are less Mousehole anvils to be found in the UK than in the US. According to the book much of their production was exported to the United States.

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