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Pneumatic Assisted Hydraulic Cylinder Help.....


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I am currently in the middle of building a tooling press, which i will be posting in the projects area, and am in need of an "air over hydraulic" cylinder for it. 20 ton. I found harbor freight has this same thing in the form of a bottle jack but i would like something with a longer stroke,something in a 12-16 inch range for the stroke. Any help??

Thanks all

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Good Morning,

One of our members in Nanaimo used an Air-brake pot from a truck to operate a lever and a clamp. Simple.

Air causes tooling to sometimes not move evenly and then all of a sudden move, POOR FINGERS!!!!

Coates tire machines are air over oil. If someone forgets to add the oil it becomes a widow-maker!!


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A friend of mine in columbus , Ga has already build one. It does work well. 20 tons will move hot metal very easily. This is not a press made for production work , but for the " homeowner" it works well. For mashing chain , cable, and the likes , it makes some beautiful "damascus".For the lack of a better word , i will use damascus. You can take a piece of motorcycly chain , or a timing chain , fold it and start mashing it . He ended up with a beautiful piece about 3/16 x 1 1/4 x 7 inches long. There did not appear to be any pits, or holes that you could see.
The way he did is was to flip on the lock that holds down the handle. Then all you have to do is open and close the valve at the bottom of the jack that lets the ram return back to the down position.Rapidly open and closing the bleeder valve will operate the ram fairly quick. His jack had the springs that would pull down the ram. I will post up some pics. Scott


Sorry , this is the best pic i have now. I will post some better ones later. Scott

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With mine I'm not looking to accomplish any forging with, hence the term "TOOLING press". Mine is going to be meant for seating bearings, custom holding clamps if i need, punching indentations, etc. when i go for the heat n beat method, i like my 8lb flat-faced one hand sledge. Moves metal quite fast n easily when you strike.


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