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jurneyman seeks work in the us

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lo there folks don't know if this is the right place for this but I am going to give it a go anyway. I am thinking of traveling to the us later this year and am looking for work so if tney one has work or knows of work avalible for a skilled blacksmith + coded welder id like to hear about it my email address is hammerntongs@msn.com i have over 15 years workshop experience a lot of that time was spent restoring antique iron and copper work in Ireland if you would like to see some of my work or know more about me email me and i can send you some photos etc thanks for taking the time to read this

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nice to see someone from the right side of the Antlantic on board :D I'm further over on the right (England) but I can tell you that the best place to start digging will be ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Asociation of North America). They have a LOT of different chapters all over the states, so google them (or if anyone here has the Presidents details to hand would they post them for Sam?). I spent nearly two years travelling through Northern Europe and Australia working with some great Smiths, and as soon as I've got the money together I'm heading over to the States and Canada to do it all again. I wish you the VERY best of luck mate, you'll have a blast.

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