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Hey Guys,

yesterday I forged my first pattern welded billet out of a three layered bar I made previously. Basically just to practice firewelding and the technique of welding Damascus (or pattern welded steel in that case). It is very small and the knife itself is rather just for the decorative pattern and not heat treated or so. I welded the billet out of two layers of mild steel in which I clampwelded a piece of car spring. The holding bar I fixed with a faggot-weld to the billet. I used no welding machines... I forged 364 layers.

A video of me welding the last fold you can see here:

Here are some pictures (I etched the blade with boiling vinegar):



If you have any advice for me for future projects I´d be glad to hear it. If you have a question I´d be glad to answer it.

For now - kind regards
- Daniel

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Definitely check out Jim's books if you can, I own the Complete Bladesmith which covers just about everything including pattern welding. I don't know how I would manage without that book!

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