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RR spike uses??

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Hey all, i have tons of RR spikes (i live near an abandoned Alaska Railroad track) and was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas on their uses. I"ve already made knives, a spoon, and a little tool I invented for these little copper bells I make, (it prolly has a name but i dont know it). :?
Any ideas, even the half-formed ones would be sweet! (I am dieing for blacksmith type information here, i wish there was an online course or something!)

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If you have not found it already, try this link

http://www.iforgeiron.com then Blueprints

There are several how to articles (some 235+ at last count) on that site covering tools, jigs, and projects you can make.

Another source is the IForgeIron Tuesday Night Live Blueprints where the new blueprints are presented live across the internet every Tuesday Night at 10 pm EDT. Doors open at 9 pm. Usually there are two blueprints presneted each week

When donated blacksmithing related material is available, there is a door prize for those present. Door prizes have included CD's, cone mandrals, tongs, gloves, welding rod cases, aprons, etc.


Everyone is welcome. Join in if you get a chance.

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The local junk yard has several spikes and track plates. They were turned as scrap for the money.

For the cost of junk, it would seem to be a way to collect all the material you need from one spot. Contents of your junk yard may vary. :wink:
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