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make simple bellows and forge?

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Azur I can only imagine how hard a time you are having trying to get this set up working for your shop. I am so spoiled that If I were beginning I couid get on this site and poull up a design that has instrutions and find the needed materials locally. Non of that is working for you at all it seems. When someoone suggests something for you to try, it is likely based on things they know are availeable here and can be done with tools and skills they have or can get locally. When I think of how to help you it is based on those things I just typed. You live in a totally different life style than I do and I do not know how to fit wot I know into things that will work for you. I wish I could. i hope that someone can work with you on this and would love to see you with a working forge. Youi really seem to have the interest it takes for this work..Good luck.

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