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Finally, I have my 300# Fisher on a Stand!

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I bought my 300# Fisher a year and a half ago and just tonight got the stand built. :rolleyes: :o
I still have to drill the base plate for the lugs on the 300# anvil and add a couple tong/hammer loops.

I built the stand for the 150# Fisher a couple of weeks ago.

Both of the stand's base plates are 1-1/2" thick


The 300# anvil sits at 32-1/2" and is closer to knuckle height. The stand's base plate is 107#. The stand and anvil weigh around 425#. Well, maybe slightly less since it's missing 3-5" of the horn....I have some 2-1/2" rounds of W2 to strike down now!

The 157# anvil sits at 35-1/2". That's around wrist height...The base plate on this stand is 61#. I imagine the stand and anvil run around 240#.

The legs are splayed out at around a 8 degree angle with cross supports. 2" Sch 40 steel pipe legs with 1" Sch 40 cross supports.

Both take a lot of effort to tip. I can't anchor either to the ground in my rental house/garage, but the feet can be drilled later if desired.

I had the forge going last night to help a friend heat treat a blade. Tomorrow I fire it to forge a blade! :)

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Thanks guys. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Very stable and lots of extra mass.

Eventually they can be bolted to the floor.

I'm happy to have a taller anvil now for forging the bevels on blades and in general a taller anvil is better for me.

And yes, they are way too clean. I wiped em down with linseed oil for the photo.

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