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SS sez....don't even think about it!!!..... :lol: ......Too bad they didn't throw the stuff a say a piece of copper or steel sheet metal. I bet the patterns and resulting blobs could be interesting.... Straw hats, no glasses and they were probly wearing sandals....Even I wouldn't go there.......

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What? No fire extinguisher handy?
Let's see, poor blacksmiths sling molten metal at a wall, and shoot anvils several hundred feet into the air.
Forging hot iron on an anvil seems tame by comparison. But we still push safety at every opportunity.

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Ahh they used to bleed people as a medical technique for centuries. Didn't do any good (save for very rare diseases) and killed a lot of folks. Stuff that's been done for a long time doesn't necessarily make it a *good* idea.

I'd file this with the folks using newspaper as welding PPE myself...

Pretty to look at, reminds me of the first time I tried CI in a billet---big globs of molten CI spattered out burning off carbon until they burst into "sparklers" when the iron started burning.

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Thomas, My original response in this post was said by way of being mean-spirited and strayed way off-topic. That's not what I'm on IFI for, so I've deleted it.

My final point on this is that I think the folk of this village know exactly what's involved and the inherent dangers that exist around it. It's time honored for them and suggesting that they're doing it out of ignorance is arrogant.

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