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Greetings from Central Florida


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Nicholas Smith
Age 26.

I am just starting to expose myself to the world of working with metal, and love it. Blacksmithing, and eventually sand-casting, seems to fit with my life story and makes sense. I have a hit a point in my life where I need purpose, and learning this trade just feels right.
One of my first steps has been reading and researching everything available about the trade (which is what brought me here in the first place). Then get the right tools and learn how to use them correctly. All I have right now is one old ball pein hammer passed down from the in-law's, and then some very basic house and yard tools. But, once I expose myself to other's in my area who share similar interest, and figure out exactly what I should be looking for, I am sure I will get what I need to start shaping some metal.
Here's to the hope of getting to know some of you here and get some good advice throughout my journey.

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Welcome aboard Nicholas, good to have you. If you're close to Ocala you could look Bill Roberts up, he knows more kinds of metal working than I'm aware of. He DOES beat various metals into submission very much like blacksmithing. He also does torch work with glass, enameling and . . . Oh heck just look him up and ask. Heck, I think he's subbed to IFI but he doesn't usually join in the general patter such is my bent.

If you tell him Frosty sent you he probably won't shoot at you or double prices. . . Much.

Frosty The Lucky.

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