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college level wall charts? metallurgical, welding.......


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You probably know about the Tempil heat color chart. It has some metallurgical terminology and a margin with comparative grain size. A few years ago, I wrote for letter sized charts for handouts, but knowing I was a teacher, they included a teacher-sized wall chart, very nice, roughly 18" x 22". Tempil is in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

Another color chart, letter sized, I acquired from Pacific Machinery & Tool Steel Company. It has both heat colors (incandescent) and temper colors, realizing that pigment colors on a chart can only be approximations of hot metal that gives off light.
3445 NW Luzon Street, Portland, Oregon 97210-1694.

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check out;
includes bar weights
temp colours
hardness conversions
alloying elements/ effects
I also had a look for a beaut wall chart i got off Bohler a few years ago, but just came up with this;
specific grades have individual files on the Bohler web site eg for 4140; http://www.buau.com.au/english/files/4140.pdf
general T.T.T. graphs are also found in metallurgy text books.

tell us how you go, it is a fascinating subject.

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A little late but ESAB had "ESAB University" on their site, I asked for some welding info and such and I got a CD case of all sorts of welding info and posters with welding info and other good info. Best part of the deal was it was all free for the asking.

Hope it helps.



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