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Patternwelded bushcraft utility knife

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Hello again,
Another week, another knife. Last week I did my first san mai, so this week I changed the stacking a bit for a more anglo-saxon/seax look (harkens back to my class with Owen Bush). O1 edge material with S5 and mild steel twisted spine for absorbing shock when chopping. The tang goes halfway into the handle, then interlocks with a piece of aluminum so it maintains it's balancing point just above the pointer finger notch - balanced for throwing. I let this etch overnight, so the pattern is deep and distinct. Cocobolo scales with brass fittings and mosaic pin.
Keep in mind I have average size hands (last photo).
The last two knives went to my consignor (Mastersmiths), but I would like to try and sell this one on my own - any advice in general on trying to get your stuff sold would be appreciated. Also any commentary on the new blade :D

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I know I may sound fussy but I recieved the same critique and am glad for it. My work continues to improve as does yours! It's a steep climb but we're getting there!
Cheers and keep that imagination rolling, your work is original and I love it!

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