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I Forge Iron

Hello from Texas

Kevin A

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Greetings, all:

My name is Kevin, I currently reside in Austin, Texas. I am a pipe fitter by trade, but look forward to my daily visits to the garage to do some metal or wood working. I have been interested in forging iron for a long time, but have only been hammering away for about 1.5-2 years, after slowly gathering some of the necessary equipment from old farms and Craigslist.

At the Scarborough Renaissance Faire in Waxahachie, Texas, I introduced myself to two of the resident blacksmiths and proceeded to wear them both down with questions, I'm afraid. (I tend to do that, so all be warned!) Luckily, these two gentlemen were of great help and each of them gave me at least half an hour of their precious time, one of the gentlemen even let me get a little anvil time with him! The other smith, Mr. Paul Dubro, is the one that encouraged me to look this site up and get involved with the community. With my job schedule and my punchiness, it has taken me this long to follow through. Better late than never, I have heard it said.

I look forward to meeting like-minded people and learning more about moving metal. Happy Labor Day.


Kevin A.

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There are quite a few very talented smiths in and around the Austin area. Kainon, one of the "Young Smiths" that demoed at the ABANA Conference works in the forge at Zilker Park. Come see us at Balcones Forge. We can be found at http://balconesforge.org/. The members are very sharing with their knowledge and talents. The last Saturday of September we will meet in New Braunfels at Conservation Plaza. Our trade item is a fork. October we will meet just out of the big city of Devine. Looks like this one is going to be an all day event. We will demo a bottle opener and may have a special demonstrator there to forge us a hammer. I am still working on this one. The trade item is a bottle opener. Dues for Balcones Forge is $20.00 or $25.00. This is a family membership. Members are welcome to forge at our meetings where we have an open forge.

Our November meeting is in Hunt, Texas and we will have a "Judged Item" at this meeting. There will be a prize for the best goffering iron. After this meeting our next "Judged Item" will be in February when we get together with HABA in Bryan, Texas at the Lee Brothers Shop. This is an event that you do not want to miss. Jeff demoed spurs the last two years so we will be making spurs for February.

You won't go wrong by getting together with this bunch.


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