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Jerry Carroll heart surgery


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Jerry I finally had my open heart surgery March 1, 2011 to replace a birth defective aortic valve with a bovine type and remove a 3" ascending aneurysm right next to it. Then they had to install a pacemaker and defibrillator in me 6 days later.
I had my first of 4 heart catherization in 1960 up the arms and that was considered a dangerous almost experimental procedure still in those days.
My parents and I were told that the older I would get the more they would know about heart surgery.
Look at what all is possible today!!!

I am now part man and part bull with a battery back up. :D

I can truly say that I have been there and done that pal. Hang in there as each and every day will only get better!

Knee mail your way for you and yours from all of us here!


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You and the family are on the list here Jerry.

Uh Gee Stan Part bull? PART? Hmmmmm.

I'm still alive and telling tall tales in spite of serious damage. Ain't modern medicine and friends praying for you a treat?

Frosty the Lucky.

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The rehab from surgery can be tough, but sometimes you can find an alternative that works. My Dad had very serious brain surgery, and after 9 months of rehab my Mom bought him a portable sawmill. How does this relate you may ask, they talked to the doctor before the purchase and she saw that the activities that would provide would be beneficial both physically and mentally. And thought they would be beneficial. He made enough money selling his lumber in the next 4 years to pay for the saw mill.

Dad would saw lumber 4 to 6 hours a day, almost every day. If he fell down twice with the chainsaw he was done with work. The brain surgery (he had a base brain mynigioma) messed with his equilibrium, so he fell sometimes. He had a lot of fun and excercise sawing lumber. He called it good rehab. Incidently he out worked a bunch people 20 years younger and reasonably fit everytime they came to "play" with him.

All I can say is that my Dad like to work, and gym rehab would not have worked out for him, stay with wht the doctors say, but be creative with what you have to do for follow up, you never know, you could find something new you love or rediscover something old you love.

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Thanks to all the great friends here at IFI! I just got home (oct, 5) because of complications and it sure do feel good not to be hooked up to anything to trip over a tube when heading to the john! Looks like I'll be on the mend for a few more weeks before I can use the forge but I can have a lot of stuff ready--my Daughter is eager to learn more.

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