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Just found the site. I have no experience with blacksmithing at the moment.

I have just started my Fitter & Turner Apprenticeship (3 months into it) and started looking into this side of things as I wanted to make some good cold chisels and centre punches.

Have had a read of a few posts on here and everyone seems to be very helpful, so be prepared for some dumb questions. Although the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.

I have access to a lot of tools at work, and there is even a forge there that has just become vacant as the blacksmith retired 6 months ago. Will need to ask them if I'm allowed to start it up or not.

I have a bit of 25mm (1") 4140 on my bench at work I was thinking might be good for making into the afore mentioned chisel and centre punch. Is this a good steel to use? Or should I be looking for something else? Also, how do I temper the tools (if thats the right term) so that they will hold their edge/point?

I will take some pictures of the setup at work and post them a bit later.

Cheers for now.

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Sorry about that, I live in Brisbane, Australia. The smithy is located at Brisbane Water, part of the city council. The forge has been cold for 6 months now, and I still have to ask the boss if I'm able to use it. Seems a little bit of a waste it just sitting there unused.

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Howdy from East TEXAS! and welcome to IFI.
RUN!! don't walk, to the retired blacksmith's house and do whatever you can to get him take you on as a student! Talk to the 'powers that be' about using the forge/smithy during off hours, (the retired blacksmith could help in that area) Offer to sign a release stating that the company is not liable for any accidents while working off hours. Do what you have to in order to get in that smithy! (within reason and legal that is ;) )

My opinion on the 4140 is that it would make excellent hammers and dies for the power hammer shown but not sure on the chisiels and punches. I would think that S1, H13, 5160, or others would be better suited for that.

Once again, welcome. BTW, we LOVE pictures! Thanks for posting the ones of the smithy. Look forward to seeing some of your work also.

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Ben, AKA “Kustomrod”
Sounds like a potential “chance of a lifetime” is staring you right in the face.
You said: “I have no experience with blacksmithing at the moment”.
The operative words are “at the moment”.
Sounds like the Blacksmithing Bug of Interest has gotten you. With the interest and attitude you have expressed to this point, I will bet you will find a way to make it all come together.
The photographs of the smithy area you posted are like eye candy to these old eyes.
Wisdom says now is the time to put the effort and time in you need in order to take advantage of this prime situation (strike while the metal is hot).
You don’t want to have regrets later down the road when you find out that a blacksmith was living inside of you all this time and you missed a chance to let him come out!
At this time in my life one of the things that give me great satisfaction and pleasure is seeing new people entering into the blacksmithing craft.
We have a lot of IFI blacksmiths who had no financial resources or tools available to them to start with. But the ones that make it seemed to have one thing in common. That was, that the spark of interest glowed long enough for them to start their first fire.
I have seen it over and over again where people with the true spark of interest have made it happen out in there backyards where they created something, out of nothing so to speak.
Please keep us posted on your progress. Photos seem to be loved by all (hint, hint).
I suggest you bring some popcorn with you on Tuesday nights. We have a “LIVE” Blueprint Demonstration here at IFI.
Be safe!
Old Rusty Ted

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