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Hey fellow blacksmiths,

some of you might allready have seen my YouTube-Video "Forging with TechnicusJoe July & August 2012." If not you may check it out because it shows some excerps on how the following project was put into practice:

As a project to make during Joe´s visit at my shop I had the idea to make a wine bottle holder as a present for my father. So after some sketches and discussions we decided to make the holder like it eventually turned out. At that moment the only source of steel I had available was simple rebar, so most of the work simply was drawing out material to the right shape.

The whole holder with a sample bottle:


The top ring was forge welded and rivited, the lower ring was also forge weldet and fixed with a tennon joint. The holding beam is decorated with a fishtale-scroll at the end:


The v-shaped base plate has curly cues at the tips on the one hand for decoration, on the other hand for safety and stability reasons:


The holding beam starts of sqare and then converts into flat bar...


...and is fixed to the base plate via tennon joint.


We both were very sattisfied and my father was very happy about his present.

I hope you enjoyed the post about my little project. I appreciate any tips and critique on how to improve my workflow and the way I report about it in this forum.

- Daniel

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Good to see that you did not resort to a mig welder to put it together
Thanks! Welding something like that is no option for me. I neither can weld, nor do I like the look of it...

Very nice. I am sure that your will like it very much. Glad to see that young blacksmiths are getting together.
Yea forging together is much more fun than alone. And one can make much bigger projects if helped by someone like I was on this project.
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