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how to make blower for forge

Azur Jahić

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can i change the side of bellows i think to up inner tube put down and down inner tube put up because up inner tube is much stronger then down inner tube .up Inner tube is need just for the reserve air and i think up is bigger then down can i replace side will that change something

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It's not going to get hot enough to burn rubber or cloth if you put some distance between the bellows and the fire. It looks to be on the same level or a little above so flammable gases can't flow back to it.

The basics of how a double chamber bellows works. The lower bellows pumps on every stroke, it inflates the upper bellows, the upper bellows supplies the air to the forge in a steady stream instead of pulses like the lower bellows. So, when you work the bellows the upper chamber should inflate and provide air to the fire as it deflates. You can add or subtract weights to increase or decrease air to the fire.

A single chamber or one lung bellows can be as simple as a sack and piece of tubing. A bellows this simple requires a person to operate it though so it's not practical for a one man shop.

You're making WAY too much of a job out of this, bellows are VERY simple devices and you've been worrying about one for more time than it'd take me to teach you the basics of blacksmithing. Figuring out things like this and tinkering with them till you get something that'll work is a major part of blacksmithing. The craft is largely about figuring new things out.
Best of luck.

Frosty the Lucky.

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