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Looking for tips on finding anvils

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Once you tune your scrounging technique a bit they seem to pop up all over the place. Sadly most should have stayed up popped. Vulcans missing half the face and what not. The last one I picked up was a Lakeside (Hay Budden for I think it was Monkey Ward) I literally tripped over going into my favorite antique shop. 125 for an 86 pounder was too good to pass up.

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Here's what some real anvils look like

(jumpy camcorder recording of TV...)

A well supported and fastened 30# (15kg) steel mass, higher carbon preferred, can outperform a 100# anvil simply placed on a stump. While there is no substitute for mass, good fastenings can help immensely.

And ask everybody for an anvil, your parents, your SO's parents, the preacher, your teachers, your boss, the grocery clerk...someone may have just banged their shin on a perfect 50# - 300# Peter Wright, Trenton, Hay Budden, Other Big Name, and will want you to haul it out of their garage or basement, possibly for free.

How do you determine the size of an anvil? One hand lift, two hand lift, team lift, get more help, machine required, and appraise the person you are talking to, and where they say it is located.

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30 minutes ago, Elite said:

Hi im looking for a 900lb plus non repaired anvil. If anyone has one for sell let me know. If you know anyone with one let me know as well. 

Thank you

Welcome aboard Elite. If you'll put your general location in the header you might get a response to that request. 

Why do you need a 900lb. anvil in "non repaired" condition?  By "non repaired" do you not care what condition it's in so long as nobody tried repairing it, as in 900lbs. remaining of a 2,000lb. anvil? 

If you're looking for a museum display why so large?

If you're trying to equip a shop in a foreign country just say so, if we know where you are we might be able to refer you to a manufacturer who can make exactly what you need.

Frosty The Lucky.


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Or more... a 700# Hay Budden went up to $14,000 recently. A 900# would have collectors drooling, if it got listed. I am friends with a guy on FB who buys anvils in England, then ships them to customers over here. He recently posted a 700#, he may have a bigger one. The 1,300+# Wilkinson he has is not for sale, as he was searching that one out to get it back "Home" where it belonged.

For dock levelers-I would make a custom anvil from a trip to the scrap yard pieces. 

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