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Essential Tools for Beginner Sheath Making?

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I started out with a utility knife, some contact cement and a hand drill. You'll need some upholstery thread a needle and a pair of pliers to help pull the needle through(depending on how big you drill the holes)......Oh and a piece of leather...LOL

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Tandy leather has a small booklet that will help you a lot about sheathes, adn I think it covers holsters also.
I did a bp on knife sheathe making some time black with full detils of fitting sewing and materials needed.
i am not sure how to find it on here.
Send Glenn a note if you cannot find it in pages.

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I use my HF sheet metal punch to make holes for running laces, it works like a charm!
All you really need are a good sharp knife, some pliers and quality leather needles. Don't use regular sewing needles, they won't hold up even if you are using pre punched or awled holes. I used the same method Dodge does to make the sewing holes, it works great.
Like most things it takes practice, don't get discouraged if your first sheathe is fugly, I know mine was.

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