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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, I am not really new to blacksmithing, but I am not very good either, I have done a little here and there over the years but just what I needed at the time, I never really pursued it as an art or a hobby until recently.
I don't have much, 2 anvils an 80lb and a 225lb, both are pretty old and ragged but have always done what I needed but I am going to try and find one in a little better shape now that I want to get serious about it, some hammers, and tongs. My forge is home made, I use mostly homemade charcoal and some coal when I have it.
I also do a lot of metalcasting, mostly alum. and some brass.
I am really looking forward to learning more and getting better, that's why I joined here so I can learn and hopfully get some advice when I get stumped, also looking forward to being involved as none of my friends are into it, so it will be nice to talk to people who are.


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Welcome to IFI, Welder19. There is always someone willing to help here. If you get stumped, post a question on the appropriate forum, an answer is sure to follow.

Be sure to take advantage of the Tuesday night Blueprint sessions. Always something to learn there.

Again, welcome to IFI.

PS: Be sure and share your experiences with us, as some of us are new to the field.

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