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guillotine tool plans?

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I've seen the plans on the ABANA site, but they aren't very clear to me (what holds the back of the dies?), and the early write up in Anvil mag on the smithing magician, but they appear to show 2 differend styles on the top of the page, and give a little more detail about only one of them below. Anyone know of plans that are more clear, or more step by step? I put the links to the plans I mentioned below.

ABANA Plans:

The Smithin Magician plans:
Metalsmith V16.4 The Smithin' Magician by Jerry Hoffmann


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I had no idea there was such a thing when I made mine in the early 80's, I didn't belong to any strictly blacksmithing organizations at that time, and didn't even have a puter that was able to use the internet, I just made one that suited my needs and kept making dies to do what I needed done as I had no helper. Of all the ones I have seen, I think mine is the most useful and the whole top is open so you put things in, drop in the top die and have at it.

I use mine for side setting, swaging round and square, thicknessing, making ball ends, cutting off, as a flatter, and for making 90 degree bends both lengthwise and crosswise in small stock. The dies you can make are only limited by your imagination and skill at making them.

But, I guess my opinion is biased LOL

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