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Beaudry No. 7 bearing guide problems...

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I believe newly cast rams were not machined inside the ram. They were cast smooth as possible then the arms and rollers were installed. Over time, the rollers made their own track inside the ram, sometimes so deeply that the arms or roller shafts eventually rub. As MMetal alluded, that's a bad thing...the ram on my hammer is getting close to this amount so I'll be rebuilding it this winter.

I haven't seen your hammer but if it was mine, I would remove the tension arms and rollers then evaluate the ram. If the rollers have "flat-spotted", then make/buy new ones, reassemble everything and do a trial run. I'd bet a beer the ram interior is fine as-is - unless overly worn as noted.

The rollers need to be hard since they are functional bearings (48-56 Rc). I had a set made from H-13 almost thirty years ago and they have held up quite well. You don't need tool steel but whatever is used should be capable of attaining high hardness.

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