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I Forge Iron

Tannehill near Tuscaloosa AL

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Glenn Holmes is in charge at Tannehill (for the actual chapter of the Alabama Forge Council) James is the blacksmith for the park itself as it is a historical ironworks park. The group meets the 2nd sunday of each month behind the blacksmith shop where the big 500lb peter wright is.

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lpayne, is your avatar "Popcorn" Sutton? We hope to see you at the September 7 thru 9 th conference.
Come by my canopy for a visit.

Yea Wayne, Popcorn was one of my friends a few years back, well a lot of years back. Only a few of us would recognize Popcorn.
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Here are a few of the Cupola's in action.


b1f5876d.jpg Pour didn't go well that night, they dropped the coals and redid it the next day.






I was actually sitting inside the closet of the pour area lol, just trying to stay out of everyones way.

Lee Mckee (another IFORGEIRON member) does most of the pours there. There is a pour on labor day weekend.

Sept 2nd Labor Day Sparks in the Dark - Sunday Night
Sept 7-8 Alabama Forge Council - Tannehill
Oct 5-6 Sparks in the Dark-Tannehill
Halloween Iron Pour - Tannehill -TBA
Nov 3-4 Soule' Festival - Meridian MS

Pours normally occur on Saturday evenings with the exception for Sunday night for Labor Day. All dates and times are subject to change or cancellation.

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