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Colleen, I was just looking at the pictures again tonight because Stave put them on BP's. I have a carbon copy of your dog over here. Mine is asleep on the couch. I have been making skewers for kabobs on the grill and will try some of your coiled ends tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

Mark <><

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thank you all!

Alicia, the tripod is for hanging a pot, or dutch oven over a fire for outdoor cooking, or I also have people buy them to put in their gardens to hang a plant pot from!

Mark, my dog Saffy is as sweet natured as they come, hope yours is the same!

I've been selling these hooks and pokers now for a few months, and I am getting a lot of requests to make them into toilet paper holders!! I don't know what it is about them, but it seems a popular request! I just make the hook slightly longer and looser, and coil the end into a tight spiral and turning that in, rather than flatting it for the coathook end.


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Lovely work, Colleen. I do a lot of hooks (leaves mainly) and never thought of using a twist top. You have perfected them, and they are very attractive hooks. Well done!

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Hi again!


It's been some time since the last post.


I just couldn't get out of my mind your twisted ammonite shapes. I've been playing with some key chain ideas lately so I tried your pattern. I thought to show them since you (or technically your ammonites) were the muse  :)


The basic form was the plain scroll the other two are only prototypes - so please forgive the non-functional or failed stems.


post-48601-0-01835000-1417095009_thumb.j post-48601-0-14351300-1417095058_thumb.j post-48601-0-05562200-1417096061_thumb.j




Interesting detail: the small one weighs 30 g and the bigger ones 32 g each.


Thank you for the ideas and best wishes!



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