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80 lbs. of Copper 'wire'. Any uses or anyone want?


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On a work site recently I pulled about 80 pounds of copper 'wire' out of an old transformer. I use the term "wire" rather loosely as it consists of about 8 mm x 4 mm and 4 mm x 4 mm 'wire'.

I'm trying to think of something I can use this for.
Or looking for someone who can use it before I take it in and get scrap prices for it at the local yard.

If anyone in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Dayton area would like this let me know and we can work something out. Trade for materials, cash, old firearm stuff, what not.

Barring someone wanting it any interesting ideas for uses? Besides some abstract sculpture I can't really think of anything.

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I used to love using rectangular wire for making penannular brooches for SCA use. I would lay a piece of nickle silver wire on each flat side and using vise grips twist it up until the wire was bedded in and the piece was fairly smoothly circular in cross section---the bar needs to be able to smoothly go around the piece. usually had to anneal it at least once. I would often bond the wire at the end with a bit of stay-brite low temp silver solder

Buffs up very pretty, I have one I am still using after 30 years of use.

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