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"new" hammer

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I wasn't sure where to put this. I added a few new pictures to my gallery. After reading through a blueprint by B.Norris (wasn't sure if I saw it on IFI or anvilfire) I thought to try my hand at hammer re-making. I picked up a cheap three pounder at harbour freight and, using the trusty 4.5 inch grinder proceeded to cut a diagonal pein on one end. to balance the head, I guesstimated about 1/4 inch needed to come off the face. I flap-disc'd the whole thing to get rid of the black paint (man I love that grinder) them buffed it down with 80, 150, then plumbers emery tape. through out the cutting and grinding I never let it get hot enough that I could not pick it up.

took about 2 hours. Now I have to wait for a fire to test it out.

Link removed at the request of anvilfire

Link removed at the request of anvilfire

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weighing the pieces I cut off, it lost 7.5 oz. that does not include the width of the cutting disc and the sanding. I would think between 8 and 9 ounces. My two other main hammers are a little 2 lb mini-engineers and a 2.5 lb cross pein with fiberglass handle from home depot. The "new" one feels a little lighter than my cross pein and way-better balanced.

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thanks Glenn. I tried to view the blueprints between 300 and 400 and was told I did not have authorization. I was logged in but did not see the choice for the 300-400 set

here is what is visible:

Blueprints Blacksmithing Blueprints

Blueprints 000-100 ( 97 items )
Blueprints 000-100
Blueprints 100-200 ( 96 items )
Blueprints 100-200
Blueprints 200-300 ( 99 items )
Blueprints 200-300
Blueprints 400-500 ( 35 items )
Blueprints 400-500
Blueprints 1000 ( 20 items )

there is no 300-400 in there

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