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Old anvil great deal

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After struggling with my little Russian anvil for a few years I finally found a used London pattern. Its about 250-300-ish range, 31’’long 5’’ wide and 14’’ height, Its a little rusty but it came with a Bick iron all for 300 bucks. I just can’t identify it yet, the only letters I can make out on the side are (Shef.) it also has to deep holes on the side. I just need to find a few hardies for it the size is about 1 1/2, do you all know of anyone who sells those, if not I guess I’ll just make them. post-4419-0-70611200-1342766997_thumb.jppost-4419-0-70611200-1342766997_thumb.jp

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As I've mentioned about once a week for months now; I make hardy tooling for my Fisher with *2* 1.5" hardy holes from old top tools. I remove the handles and forge the striking end to fit in the hardy holes. It helps that I have a large screwpress that's great for truing up parallel sides on the stems.

The last several Quad-States I've attended had one fellow selling a pile of old abused hardy and top tooling with a decreasing price each day. I would pick up the stuff I needed the first day and gradually add other stuff until time to go home.

Also I have taken square tubing and sliced down on the corners and flattened the tabs out at 90 deg to make adapter sleeves for my large hardy holes. I generally keep one double sleeved to fit "regular" hardy tooling.

Shef might be Sheffield a possible location for it's manufacture in the UK.

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