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just got a tomahawk drift from Blacksmiths Depot so i thought i would give it a whirl. second axe already in progress, pics to follow.
Hi Joseph nice shape hawk mate .may i suggest you forge weld right up to the eye other wise the handle will keep coming
loose no matter how many wedges you wack in . and if its a thrower i would have at least another half inch out of the eye ,
thank you for sharing .
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so, should i weld it further in and force it open with the drift? or am i just gonna have to know exactly where my eye is gonna be and weld it there? ive never done axes so im not really learned on the subject. thanks for the comment!
Hi Joseph ,
I use my drift and forge the material around to get the size and taper .
that will give you a good indication where to start welding .
after welding i heat the eye grab the hawk by the blade put the drift in and stretch ajust the eye by hitting the eye if needed
but people do thing different ,so this is only one way have fun .
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thanks i tried that with this next one and worked pretty good. the next one has the handle made by me. carved to shape from a piece of round stock. head is the same as before, farriers rasp with a rasp bit forge welded in. ( i had more pictures but apparently my phone refuses to send all but this one to my computer, so......)


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