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I just checked the ads, and they are high in my opinion. I picked up a really nice blower for a friend for $50. It was at a sale down the road from where I work.

For $200 you can get a lot more stuff that is more important than a blower. Be patient, there are much better deals out there. I haven't paid over $20 for any of the blowers I have picked up over the years. Those deas are getting thin, but the $50 blower I got for my friend is super smooooth, and in great shape. I passed a blower being used for yard art yesterday that I may have to go check out.

A small squirrel cage blower, and a junk 10 speed bike for parts will make a good enough blower.

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A good crank blower is easily worth about $100-$125, maybe even more, depending upon location and availability. Ones that need a little TLC are worth less (down to about $50). You can, indeed, if you are patient and frequent tailgating and yard sales, find an electric blower from $10 to $30 that will work with a reostat. New electric blowers sold explicitly for use with forges will run from $100 up. A new blower (that will work) from a supplier like Graingers will cost a little over $50 or so.

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