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So a cousin of my wife is getting married. My wife and I used a unity cross in our wedding. The cross we used can be seen via a google search for the term Unity Cross. It worked just fine for our ceremony but I will say that it was very flimsy (it actually cracked when we were putting it together during the ceremony). At any rate, the cousin asked my wife if my brother in law and I could make her a unity cross. To which both of our wives said YES without either of them consulting us :) And soooo this project began.

Our version of the Unity cross has 3 parts... The first part represents the Groom, to be strong and upstanding, but supporting of his bride. The 2nd part represents the Bride, To be supporting by the groom but also completing one another, forming the whole. The 3rd part represents the Divine. To be bound together by God's grace.

The concept was this

That translated to the first part being made

Then the 2nd part was made.

Then the 2 pieces were taken and milled for a half lap joint

Then we made a small copper flower based off of the flowers I've seen of Mike Tanner's making.

After that, we had to make a center for the flower, we upset 3/8" brasing rod and drilled the cross.

The flower is braised to the center. The back sticks out only slightly and has a small pin that drops into a hole that was drilled on it. The flower petals themselves act as a spring and provide tension for the whole thing to stay together.

My father in law made a base for us using cedar. All in all it turned out quite well.

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Had a few people asking who did what, so I figured I would clarify. I did the upright and the copper portion of the flower. Jeffro1205 did the cross bar, the milling, and textured the upright and crossbar. We did the center brass knob together. Our father in law produced the base, made from eastern red cedar.

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