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Arm & Hammer find...

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I have been looking for a larger anvil(s), something 200+ pounds.
Came across this anvil in the first picture, this is the picture provided.
The seller mentioned that it was 225 pounds, but no markings on the anvil he could see.

The anvil had been sitting in the corner of machine shop for decades, rarely used.
Looked in nice shape from the pics though, I asked for some higer resolution pictures.
With a little photo editor work with contrast/brightness, I could make out the logo.... :-)



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Yup, back home with it.
In my area, anvils over 200# seem to be very rare to find- I've been watching everyday for months.
They are rare here, go fast, and can be pricey from what I've seen.
I missed a 200+ pound nice Trenton with stand last month, it was gone within hours of it being posted.
I paid $2/pound for this A&H.

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Thats great, we have a smaller 100# Arm & Hammer..They are very,very good anvils..Ours rings like the bells at Notre Dame though..Very loud, get yourself some chain or magnets to dampen the sound..

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After some wire brushing and a little CLR, logo is nice to see.
There's also some stamp on the other side of the anvil, but can't make out all that's there.
Also, looks like someone did a learning weld on the face, I don't think it was any sort of repair attempt.
Not bad, could probably bring that flat again easily.





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