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Need a new Flat belt

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Good evening,
I am just about done with my Champion #1 re-do. I bought the last flat belt from a company in Seattle. I was actually a strip of conveyor belt with a wire pinch link to join the seam.
It has worked great for 20 years. I’d like to do it again as I now need a longer belt.
The problem is I can’t locate the company and I don’t remember the company name.
Does anyone know where I can get a belt? About 3” wide and ¼ thick?? The stuff my current belt is made of is synthetic material with a plastic Polyurethane coating. They said it was material used to move luggage.

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Hopefully Peacock will chime in here he does his own flat belts and even supplied me with a piece for my portable forge blower. I think he said vegetable tanned leather stretches less and he knows how to do the lacing which is important. Hmm maybe he will do a thread on it with pics......

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I do flat belt work. I mostly lace with alum tanned leather very little stretch and it is very strong. I don't like clipper lacing on shop machinery as the little hooks can come loose and snag things and if you or I are that thing it can be very painful. I also don't like hearing the click click the metal lace makes as it hits the pulleys. If you all are interested in learning this I'll try to figure a way to show you with some pics or if you like I can bring some belt with me to the ABANA conf. for those who are going and show you hands on.

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Got the new belt made and things are going well!!
Francis, I was in the Marines! I followed the directions and had no problems!

Cpl P J Farley
3rd BN 9th Marines
3rd Marine Division

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