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1st forged knife


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Here is the step by step way to load pics on here:
First you must have the pic loaded into your computer and know where it is. I load mine into my documents and I name it something i will recognize when I browse for it. Other places on mine that I could use are my pics or I could start a new folder.
The pic has to be small enough that this site will allow it..I do not know that size.
Go to knife forum and click the black box that says start new topic.
In the top box on that page put what you wish to call your pic.
Type wot you wish to in the text box.
Click on box, Attach files.
Click browse and look to find your pic on your puter. I look in my documents for the name i saved it under.
Then click on attach files. In a short time the little ;pic of your knife should appear..
Then Click black box below that says post this topic.
If this does not work get some one on one help.
Of that does not work then stop making things to take pics of and get a job flipppin burgers.....

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Hey you did it! That's a fine job right there. Now see what happens when you click that pic it get really big. This is why I use Imgur. That way there I can resize the pics. Follow the instruction as Rich gave but instead of Uploadind to IFI. Just copy and paste the photo onto your post from Imgur using the BBCode for message board and forums. The way you did it works too but you need to shrink the pics a little further.
Once again great looking knife . I love the Paracord wrap.

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