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Recent find of stake and plate, questions?

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I came across a stake anvil and stake plate on the net, as I'm a total newb at this I really didn't need it.
But they seem unique enough that I called about it. It wasn't close, but the guy was willing to drive 1.5hrs to meet me in the middle.

I was quite happy he was willing to drive 3hrs round trip for this deal, and got both for $140.
I think the anvil is just over 39" long. The plate has two larger taper pockets and three smaller ones. Should the anvil fig snuggly in to the tapers of the stake plate? I guess I'm wondering if they are made to go with a certain plate/anvil combination.

How is this plate mounted, or used? (...from a total newb here)



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Over at anvilfire they collected stake taper angles and found out that in general there didn't seem to be an agreed upon standard so it's quite possible your stake won't fit one exactly. As they were designed for light sheetmetal work this wasn't too much of a problem---heavy forging may result in cracking of the holder and in fact that is fairly commonly found in older stake plates.

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Yup, when I found a PEXTO 982 stake plate at the local scrapyard recently I was jumping for joy---especially as the boss man was out so they sold for me at scrap rate they get at the big city yard by weight! All my finds including the stake plate for US$10.

You got a great stake and plate for a very good price!

As you noticed stake prices are quite high unless you can find them used cheap or make them.

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