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Hi everyone,

I just aquired this new little tool today, for $5.

Now, I believe it to be a part of a tap and die set- can anyone tell me what it really is? Also, what is the value of one of these? I have no use for it, and was thinking about selling it if its worth something.

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It is definitely the clamp part of a flaring tool there shoul dbe a piece that goes with it that has a conical point on a t handle that has two arms that go over the opposite side of the clamp from the conical point. you put your copper pipe in the appropriate sized hole with a little sticking out and crank the t handle down to flare out the end of the pipe, and then you stop and cut off the end because you forgot to put the nut on and do it again if the pipe is long enough...

I know that didn't make a lot of sense unless you have used one before. But they are cheap and plentiful I doubt you could get more than a buck or two without the rest of it. Keep it and come up with a new use for it and share it with the rest of us. I probably have 3 or 4 of those around that I got in junk piles at auctions.

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Clamp from a flaring tool set is my guess also. Used to put a single or double flare on the ends of brake lines for automobiles. http://www.cj-3a.com/DSC01950.JPG

Does not mean that it could not work as a header, just insert hot metal and clamp it hard in a vise.

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It may not hold up to a serious pounding it really depends on what kind of steel was used to make it. It was designed to crimp soft metal tube not hot forge mild steel. A vise held header needs a lip to rest on top of the vise jaws to hold it in place otherwise it will move around in the vise wile you hammer on it. It may work but I suspect it will be a discouraging experience. If you have nothing else go for it, but don't expect much. It might be good for holding bolts and rivets that you want to modify the head by filing or to hold short round bars that you want to cut with a hack saw. This is a picture of the tool I use as a header in my vise. you can see the lip on the under side. I prefer hand held headers for most work. I have made 1000's of bolts nails and rivets in the course of my work over the years..


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