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I never did add them up, 1700 lbs. combined! Thats just shameful B) My Deutz diesel driven Atlas Copco air compressor puts out almost 400 cfm, should run em both at the same time. I also have a 30 cfm

you dont have steam hammers. You have diesel pneumatic hammers!

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I have a long road ahead to realize the full potential of my efforts in insanity! I have recently been running a batch of items I hope to sale at the upcoming American Craft show in Atlanta, mid March. In this work I move through all four of the hammers and my hydraulic press, some in the same heat. I am amazed with the amount of production that can be done with the tools, it leaves my head spinning new ideas! I may have to install a large rotating table centered in this assemblage of madness :D

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yess, Yeeesss, the lazy susan for blacksmith, the edge just under treadles... turning... turning man and forge in the direction of the machine that will direct his will onto and into steel !


Careful you get dizzy and fall into one of those little hammers of yours.


Good luck at the show.

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