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Modifications to Champion #1

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Hi all,
I am in the process of modifying my Power Hammer.
It’s a Champion #1. I’m thinking of putting on a longer main shaft and moving the belt shiv to the back of the hammer. I will also mount it on a ¾ steel plate then mount that on timbers so the hammer will be about 8” higher (I don’t like the bending while hammering.).
In this configuration, I can mount the old Century motor on a pedestal welded to the floor plate behind the hammer. Then by reconfiguring the belt tension mechanism I can activate the hammer in the same way (Foot pedal).
My question is this: The journal bearings will no longer be loaded from the center of the yoke formed in the middle if the hammer between the bearings. The load will be toward the floor behind the hammer.
Has anyone done this? If so, how did it work?
Thanks for the help!

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A buddy of mine set his up this way. Works well but takes up valuable floor space, could have mounted the same thing on the ceiling with a little more work. The green thing is a right angle gear reduction drive, the orange thing between the drive and motor is a shaft flex coupler. Not exactly what you are after but food for thought...

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Thanks Guys,
And I do have a copy of Pounding out the Profits. Great Book!

My hammer is, or was, set up for an overhead Jack shaft, came from a boatyard in Bellingham Wa. I mounted it today on the plate and dead-wood. It is a very sturdy and stable mounting. The dies of this hammer are not the original set, as they weigh 75# with the attached hardware.

So far the thing is lookin real good, machined a new shaft and cleaned things up a bit.

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