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Forging small tongs with smith and striker


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You can't afford em one drinks like a fish the other eats like a horse. Seriously two great guys and a lot of fun to work with. We are going to try it again as soon as we can get together and do some more tools and such. We have done a few punches out of sucker rod and can do all the drawing in one heat with enough heat left for the smoothing.

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I like videos that demonstrate wot can be done with practice. You certainly have it down to teamwork. There is an old form of smith/stirker comunication that has the smith lay his hammer on side on anvil to signal the striker to stop. In a small shop with young smiths that have good hearing it may work well,,but in a big shop with multiple stations and lots of ambient noise it wouild help for sure.
Thanks for sharing!

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If you noticed when I got my signals right I put the hammer sideways on the heel to stop them, and tapped the heel to call em up. We tried a hit and miss where I would strike between each of their blows but that is going to take a lot more practice. When it was on it was real good but when one of us forgot the sequence it got scary.

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