A Seax. LARGE photos

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This is my first seax, after researching a little bit of these knives i wanted to make one so here it is. Its made from reclaimed RR track which i according to machinist handbook is around 1060. Its the same stuff my previous knives have been made out and they have performed really well. Handle is made from Juniper/Cedar, alum band, and some white ash to finish it off. Making a matching scabbard soon. The blade was polished to 1000 grit. My first attempt at polishing anything to this level it was a rewarding experience. I havent fully sharpened the blade yet, I am waiting for a whetstone i ordered. I will definitely be making more of these. Here is some really large photos(will edit smaller later).. Enjoy

-Tim M.






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I really like your take on the Seax style. I like that you did file work on the metal spacer as well. I look forward to seeing the sheath as well.


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Thnx yah that is my fav part too. It turned out to be a mistake, I was testing these metal cutters on that piece of Alumn and i didnt realize it was too close the holes i drilled out, So i just replicated the pattern and bam. My fav feature on the knife. Scabbard coming soon.

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