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anotherererererer anvil,, and tools?

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so it is a Hay Budden Manufacturer N.Y. 75 pounds, and three hammers and one thing???, for 225, it seams like a good deal, but how good are the tools, and what is that little thing, and is that a good brand.

ps. yes I am still going to get it if they don't sell it by the weekend.

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Hay Budden is a good manufacturer, and this has been on my radar for a few weeks, just a bit of a drive for me (3+ hours one way). If you are close enough and an anvil of that size works, I think you should get it. See if he can go down in price a bit; I have seen it on cl for at least 3 weeks, so he may be willing to work with you.

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the tool on the far left looks like a top swage, the one on the far right looks like a angled hot cut and the piece without a handle looks like a flatter as for the last one it looks to me like a scutch hammer for bricks but not too sure.
if i am wrong please correct me

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Well the tools are probably not that useful for you starting out---save for the hot cut; so I would not ascribe them much value---perhaps $5 a piece leaving the anvil at $2.40 a pound.

Not a jumping up and down price; but HB is one of the top american brands. 75 pounds is a bit light for a shop anvil though a convenient size for a travel/demo anvil. Don't forget to add in the cost of fetching it---if it's close it's a lot better deal than if you spend over a tank of gas to get it!

If you don't have *any* anvils and you do have the cash and the need then go for it. If you already have an anvil or two I'd try to get the price down a bit. (Though the smaller ones generally go for more a pound than some of the larger ones---lots more people can carry around a 75# anvil than a 200# anvil)

Most likely gone before the weekend. Anvils that are not over priced go FAST!

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